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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Garage Sale

Our first garage sale to fund raise for our next trip to Costa Rica will be Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15. It will be held at our church, Parkside Community Church 401 Camp Lincoln Rd.  All proceeds will go to our trip.  Please come.  There will be a lot of stuff there.  You will be helping us go on this amazing trip.  Here's what we'll be doing.

The primary goal is to help build a church for the people of Alejuela, Costa Rica.  We will also be helping with food and vacation bible school for the kids of the neighborhood.  There's a lot of hard work amidst the humid and hot weather, but we have fun.  The Lord really pushes us and tries and tests us to our limits, to see how we will worship Him.  Our hands and feet are His, and so we go where He sends us. 

There is also time to unwind.  We get to see the country and do some shopping.  And we get to laugh and enjoy our time spent with new people.   This will be our third trip going, but our church's fourth church built.  We didn't go the first time in 2007.  We have been going every 2 years but we hope maybe we can go every year, if the Lord wills it so. 

If you wonder why we go and help people we don't know out of our own country, I'll tell you this.  It is out of sheer faith, hope, and love.  We love God because He first loved us.  God has given us this door to walk through, once again.  We could have easily had children by now, but we are not bitter.  God has plans for us.  We trust Him with our future.  Plus, we are extremely blessed to help others in need.  We are family in Christ.  Jesus would want us to help each other to know Him first and to help them teach others to know Him.  This is the Great Commission found in the last chapter of Matthew.  We don't let fear or selfishness stand in our way.  Jesus died on the cross and rose again for the forgiveness of our sins, unselfishly.  We can give our lives for others just the same.  We take up our own crosses and follow Him.  This means we take the criticism, the mockery, the hatred, and turn it into a blessing just to know Jesus Christ our Lord.

Plus, we have a great time! 

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