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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am pleased to know my family in Christ from another country.  The Matute family.  Luis and his youngest daughter are here in AZ visiting.  So far, we got to go to a baseball game in Phoenix and watched the Dbacks lose.  But it's okay because they had fun and so did we.  Janie liked the shirt I gave her.  We ate chicken wings, peanuts, chicken tenders, fries.  It was overall great times.  They have a busy schedule, but we're especially glad to be able to spend the most time with them.

Tomorrow we are taking them to the Grand Canyon.  They have never seen it in person.  We have them for the whole day so this should be a lot of fun.  The weather will be nice and we can practice our Spanish in the car.  My Spanish is improving.  I am practicing a lot now that they are hear.  Fast learning.  They are learning English too so we are doing great communicating.

Saturday we are taking them to a friend's wedding.  Sunday we visit again to talk about the next trip in 2013 in Costa Rica.  Monday, Janie and I get to hang out and go shopping and site seeing in Sedona. I know she will have a good time.  We're taking a lot of pictures.

I learn a lot from them.  I am learning their language, their culture, and their devoted faith. They are happy and blessed to know our Lord Jesus Christ and teach me to just love each other.  Be content with whatever God gives us.  Don't let the worries of the world overwhelm you.  I am glad to know them and call them my family.  Praise and glory to God forever.

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